New home builds

Do you already have an ideal site in mind? Would you like us to help you find one? Let’s have a conversation about what you really want for your home.

Our Core Services

  • Site & Scale Planning
  • Capturing Needs & Desires
  • Providing Renderings
  • Single Source of Responsibility
  • Budget Management
  • In House Design Packages
  • Home Renovations

Additional Services

  • Locating your ideal site
  • Interior Design
  • Virtual Tours
  • Products + Material Analysis
  • Renderings of your home
  • Landscape Design
  • Planning & designing your home
  • Early + Ongoing enhanced communication

Steel Framing

Why Cold Formed Steel?

  • Shorter and predictable Build times
  • No VOC’s -Steel does not contain additional preservatives and will not emit volatile organic compounds
  • Durability - stronger straighter walls
  • Noncombustible- fire resistant
  • Sustainability-Little to no waist
  • Environmentally - it takes 40 to 50 mature trees versus recycled cars to frame eight 2200 square-foot home
  • No mold- steel does not support mold growth or rot
  • Indoor air quality- still frame homes do not need to be treated for termites

Looking to remodel your current home?

We also offer a full suite of remodel services to help on your next project